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First Home Buyer Loan

Welcome on Board. We understand that you have several questions from interest rate comparisons to borrowing limits to documentation requirements. We can answer all your questions & offer end to end support. Just get in touch today.

Investment Property Buyer Loan

You are the visionary following the market trends and looking forward to invest on properties that yield high returns in next five years with market appreciation. Just get in touch for more information on investment property loan assistance.

Re-Financing for Existing Properties

The interest rates fluctuate with time and making use of right time to choose the right re-financing options to get best interest rates can amount to huge saving. Just book an appointment for our expert advisors to give you all the insights to help make decisions.

Home Loan for Self Employed

Assisting self employed professionals seeking home loans need special expertise to make clean and transparent documentation so that your application does not fail any credit checks or lead to disapprovals. We have made several applications with 100% success rate, just get in touch with us today.

House & Land Package Loans

Did you find your right package? Do you need Loan assistance? It is generally a two-step process, buy the land first and then build your house. Our professional home loan experts can advise you choose right bank for the bundle loan from enquiry to research to documentation. Just seek our end to end solution today.

Construction/Renovation Loans

Are you constructing a new house or renovating the existing one, we have loan options and best interest rates comparisons from several banks that you can choose from to make your decisions. We are always there to assist you even after your loan settlement. Book an appointment for confidential discussion today.

Loan Products - Choosing The Right One

Need help choosing the right home loan product?

There are several banks and private lending institutions offering different types of home loans designed in several combinations (interest rates vs credit rating vs income vs down payments vs repayment duration etc.) for different consumers. We have expertise in assisting our customers to keep them informed about all the options available in the market with all the pros and cons explained in detail, which enables them to narrow down their search and make suitable decisions.

Please find the loan types that we specialise

  • Variable home loan products
  • Fixed home loans products
  • Line of equity
  • Low doc home loans
  • Professional packages
  • Split loans
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"We Outstand others by getting you closer to your dream home"

At Loan Plaza, we pride ourselves on our personal approach in helping the clients acquiring the home loan that best suits them and assist them to choose the right lender being unbiased.

  • Available 365 days. We come to your place at your convenience, office hours or non-office hours, weekend or weekdays with your appointment booked.
  • We have MFAA Accreditation
  • We are affiliated with over 30 lenders including the leading banks
  • We ensure you are fully informed about the pros and cons of every loan product to help you make a logical decision
  • We can assist you to qualify for FHOG
  • We offer end-to-end service & support – Enquiry to Engagement to Settlement to Support post settlement
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Testimonials - What our clients say?

It was a difficult to make decisions as we were very tensed to take the next step, we met Mr. Jain from Loan Plaza, and then we went back to banks to look for better deals. After all the enquiries we felt Loan Plaza offered very genuine and competitive solution that exactly fit our requirements.”

Samuel -Software Programmer

Very informative, explained all the loan products in detail. We took about 6 weeks time to decide, met several banks and mortgage brokers but we felt Loan Plaza suggested an unbiased loan option. Loan Plaza is easy to work with and they are very accessible even after office hours.

Bharat - IT Manager

Highly recommended, Loan Plaza is End-to-End solution. We had several unanswered questions, Mr. Sainik jain ensured that all the questions were answered before lodgement. Fully satisfied

Kulvindher - Logistics Support

Outstanding experience. Excellent support, very information, transparent and makes sure all the underwriting is explained without anything being hidden. The best part is excellent after settlement support.

Mahesh - BI Consultant

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Your own home is no more a dream. We are excited to speak to you.

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